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Analytical Test Service



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Why We Offer Analytical Test Service in Asia Area

Analytical Tests can support Quality and Production in different stages among research, production and quality control. Especially we can support those who do not have the laboratory capabilities to test their own material can still check the quality of their products and perform testing through ChromaDex.

ITS has led the advanced and reliable analytical tests into Asia to support pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in production and research. ITS provides the valuable services in selecting tests , delivering samples to ChromaDex (if desired) and some customized services, but customer spends less cost. Please contact us to know the details.

Besides Test Result, we offer test methodology (ATR only)
ChromaDexR uses a number of key methods to perform these tests, including compendial analytical methods, AOAC-validated test methods, and ChromaDex-specific methods developed through years of product testing. The accuracy of these methods is enabled by ChromaDexR’s extensive suite of Phytochemical Reference Standards and Botanical Reference Materials on hand at the Boulder, CO lab.

ChromaDex is unique in that we offer our methodology as well as related chromatograms to support our findings in our report. It is a cost effective way since you will not need to purchase any reference standards & will get a full written report of the results on their products (ATR only).

Now, we are here to provide you qualified and cost effective services, those not only support your quality but also increase your competitive capabilities both in technical and global market!

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-HPLC, GC, UV Spec, TLC or HPTLC, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy, Isolation, Synthesis, Stability Studies
  • To Test for:
    -Marker compounds
    -active ingredients/compounds
    -fingerprinting (Qualitative)
    -Compound Characterization
  • In:
    -Raw Materials: Botanicals, Extracts, Intermediates. API
    -Raw materials blends
    -Dietary Supplements
    -Food and Beverages
    -Finished Products: Tablets, Capsules & Soft gels
    -Impurity Profiling
  • Some of ChromaDex’s unique analytical methods include:
    -Total Tea Method
    -Synephrine/ Bitter Orange Testing
    -ED Analog Screen
    -Bilberry Anthocyanins Screening
    -St. Johns Wort Evaluation
    -Stevia Testing
    -Aloe Anthraquinones Testing
    -5-HTP / Peak X Screening
    -Aristolochic Acid by LC/MS
Details please refer to CDX Technical Service Literature

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Types of Report
Analytical Test Report (ATR)- Full report, includes methods, data details, and chromatograms.

1. Responsible and Confident on Test Result
2. Testing Technology Sharing
3. Test can be repeated
4. Cost effective

Analytical Result Sheet (ARS)- 1 page summary report, results only

1. Reliable test data
2. Less cost

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Benefits to hire this service thru ITS
  1. Assist client to select test items and method
  2. Assist client to communicate with CDX
  3. ITS also provides the sample delivery service or assist client to fill the clearing form
  4. Less cost, 3% off from ChromaDex official offer.

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Sample Submission Form (SSF)

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